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1.     Tournament eligibility will be governed by the Bass Club By-Laws.  The Bass Club President or his designee will act as Tournament Director.


2.     The Tournament Director will select two Tournament Judges from the field of tournament participants to assist in the conduct of the tournament.  Tournament Judges cannot be on the same team.  The Tournament Judges will be responsible for ensuring all participants are aware of the rules and that the rules are abided by during the tournament.  The Tournament Judges will be responsible for assisting in the conduct of the official weigh-in and ensuring that fish weighed in meet the size requirements of that lake.


3.     The Bass Club's tournament measuring and weigh-in instruments will be used in all tournaments and will be the official equipment to take measurements.  Fish will be measured according to State Law.  Any illegal size fish will not be weighed.


a.  Only legal size Black Bass shall be judged.


b.  Black Bass shall include species known as Largemouth, Guadalupe, Kentucky (spotted), and Smallmouth Bass.


c.  State law length restrictions for largemouth bass will apply to all four species.  (i.e., if the length limit on a particular lake is 14" for largemouth bass, then all Black Bass weighed in must be 14" including Guadalupe and Kentucky Bass.)


4.     Tournaments will be conducted as a Team Event.  A team shall consist of two (maximum) club members fishing from the same boat.  Individuals desiring to fish alone are considered a team.  Non-paying individuals are not allowed to be in any participating boat while the tournament is under way.


            4.a  A member that routinely fishes with the same partner, typically 3 or more times in a year, may pay the full entry fee of his/her partner if the partner cannot attend a particular tournament.  The non-attending partner will receive the points associated with the weight of the attending partner (fishing solo) but will NOT receive the 10 points for attendance. Advanced notice of this action must be communicated to a Club Officer at least one day PRIOR to the tournament event.  Any interpretations or ruling on this action will be determined by the Club Officers.



5.     Tournament lakes, Weigh-in sites, and Weigh-in times will be determined by the elected officers but all suggestions are welcome.  The tournament schedule will be finalized prior to the first tournament date of the year.  Weigh-in times are published on the tournament schedule. However, the actual weigh-in time for each tournament may be amended or changed by a majority vote of the participants at the ramp the day of the tournament.


6.     Tournament entry fee is $30.00 per person.  $20.00 goes to the Total Weight Pot and $10.00 goes to the Big Bass Pot.


7.     Pay out for Tournaments is as follows:

        If only one team weighs in fish, the entire payout will go to that team.  If only 2 teams weigh in fish, the 3rd place payout will be divided equally between the two teams.

        In the event of a tie, payout will be split for the place tied and the next lower place.  Example, if two teams tie for 1st place, the first and second place payouts will be combined and then equally divided between the two teams.


8.     Tournament lakes are “off limits” to fishing 5 days before the published tournament date.  Tournament participants, with prior permission of a Club Officer or the Tournament Director, can launch their boat immediately prior to the tournament (Friday evening or Saturday morning prior to start time) for the sole purpose of checking the working condition of the motors, electronics, livewells, etc.  Participants are NOT allowed to check any fishing areas for water clarity, temperature, obstructions, etc.


9.     All tournament participants must check-in and have fees paid with the Tournament Director at the designated ramp at least 15 minutes prior to the start of each tournament.  The start times published are the beginning of the staggered take-off time.  Take off positions will be determined by random draw when anglers check in and pay their tournament fees.  Please exercise proper etiquette, caution and practice safety when your take off position comes.


If tournament participants do not check-in prior to the start time due to trip delay, those participants must immediately contact by phone one of the elected officers as soon as the delay is probable and physically contact one of the elected officers on the lake within two hours of the start time, check-in and pay the entry fees. If tournament participants do not check-in prior to the start time due to launching at the wrong ramp, those participants must immediately contact by phone one of the elected officers as soon as the error is discovered and physically contact one of the elected officers on the lake within 30 minutes of the start time, check-in and pay the entry fees.  Any and all late participants must check-in prior to fishing and live wells will be checked and must be empty.  This does not void Rule #11, Trailering, nor does it permit launching at an alternate ramp, except as covered in Rule #11.


To assist in a quick and easy check-in, tournament participants should place their fees in an envelope with team member names on the outside and present to the Tournament Director at check-in.  All fees will be paid in cash to allow for immediate payout at end of tournament.


10.     The live-wells in all boats participating in the tournament will be checked by the Tournament Director and/or the Tournament Judges before the start of each tournament.


11.     Trailering is permitted.  Those trailering to other ramps may leave the check in area after checking in with the Tournament Director. The official tournament time will be by the Tournament Directors watch.  Anglers trailering to a ramp other than the designated tournament ramp must obtain a “Transport Form” signed by the Bass Club Tournament Director.  This is a Texas Parks & Wildlife requirement for transporting fish in livewells from one location to another.


12.     All participants must return to the weigh-in site by weigh-in time and be in line to weigh in at 15 minutes after the designated weigh-in time.  Anyone not present at the weigh-in site or in the weigh-in line by the above defined times will be disqualified and not permitted to weigh in.  In the event that a team must leave the tournament prior to weigh-in time please leave a note or contact one of the other teams and let them know you are leaving. (This is for your safety)


13.     All Tournaments are encouraged to be Catch and Release.  However, participants may keep fish for their consumption.  Any fish caught during the tournament that dies prior to weigh-in must be kept in the livewell.  No iced fish will qualify for weigh-in.  ALL FISH TO BE WEIGHED MUST BE IN WEIGH-IN BAG!  Bags will be available at weigh site.  All culling of fish must be done prior to leaving your boat before weigh-in.


14.     A 5 fish limit (one person limit) may be weighed in for team competition, regardless of which team member catches them.  For slot lakes only one fish over the slot may be weighed for a team as permitted by State law.  Only one big fish will be weighed per team for the Big Bass pot.  Only a one-person limit may be brought to weigh-in.  All judgments on weight and size must be made on the lake by the team, not at the ramp or at weigh-in.  This does not exclude a team from having more than a one-person limit in the livewell, but that only a one-person limit is to be brought to weigh-in.


15.     There will a penalty of one half (.5) pound per dead fish.  This will be assessed per dead fish, which includes a Big Bass.  The Tournament Judges will determine dead fish.


16.     Points for Angler of the Year Award will be awarded as follows:



1 point per .1 of a pound of fish weighed

           10 points for participating in each Tournament


           Example:      l4.65 lbs ÷ .1 = 146.5 x 1 point = 146.5 points

                                  or multiply 14.65 by 10 = 146.5


           146.5 points + 10 points for fishing the tournament = Total 156.5 points


The Team weight will be used for each member's individual point standing for Angler of the Year Award.  The Angler(s) of the Year will be presented with an award at the end of the tournament season.


17.     Partners are expected to assist boat owners with expenses


18.     No trolling with the outboard motor.


19.     No live bait.


20.     Any questions regarding the tournament should be addressed before the start of the tournament.


21.     Any Protest must be in writing, signed and given to the Tournament Director within 15 minutes after weigh-in.  The Tournament Director and all Club Officers present at the time of the protest will rule on the protest immediately and their decision is FINAL.


  1. Life jackets must be worn when the big engine is running.

   2.    Observe all posted no wake zones.

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