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The purpose of the Bass Club shall be to foster fun, sportsmanship, conservation and the competitive challenge of Bass Fishing.




All may join the Bass Club directly by completing a membership application, release form, and paying the ($30) membership fee to the Bass Club.


Guests are welcome to fish with a Club member twice each year without paying the membership fee, must be an amateur, and must sign a release form.  The third time, guests will be required to join and pay the membership fee ($30) and complete the membership application.  No points will be accrued to the guest while fishing as a guest for the end of year awards.  No retroactive points prior to being a member of the club will be accrued.


$5 of the membership fee will be set aside for the end of year Big Bass award.


A Bass Club membership roster will be maintained by the Bass Club secretary/treasurer.




The Bass Club will be governed by an elected set of officers.


Elected officers will be responsible for organizing tournaments, selecting tournament lakes, collecting fees, settling disputes, and overall general management of the club activities.


Elected officers will serve as the rules committee.  No rules will be changed or amended without the approval of the committee.


Election of officers will take place each year prior to the beginning of the next tournament trail season.  Term of office obligation will be one calendar year.  In the event that an officer is unable to complete his/her obligation to full term, a replacement will be appointed by the remaining elected officers.



Officer’s positions and their responsibilities are:


President:  Oversees all club activities, chairs meetings, settles disputes, acts as Tournament Director, establishes budget, signs check requests, organizes special events, and performs any other additional duties necessary for the smooth operation of the club.  The President may delegate responsibilities as needed.


Vice-President:  Assist the President with all club activities.  In the event that the President is not available to perform his duties the Vice-President will assume all responsibilities for operation of the club.


Secretary/Treasurer:  Keeps the books, prepares check requests, takes notes at meetings, maintains membership roster, maintains point standings for Angler of the year award and Big Bass of the Year.


Tournament Judges:  (2 judges appointed at each tournament):  Assist Tournament Director with the conduct of the tournament.  Tournament Judges will assist with checking live wells prior to tournament start and will assist with weigh-in activities at end of tournament.




The club will conduct an established number of tournaments per year. Tournament lakes, dates, times and weigh-in locations will be determined by the club officers prior to the first tournament of the year.


End of year awards will be presented to the first and second place Angler(s) who accumulates the most points during the year. If the Officers establish a 12 tournament per year schedule, only an Angler(s) top 10 tournaments will be used to calculate Angler of the Year points.  This allows each Angler to “drop” 2 tournaments during the year, however any “dropped” tournament(s) that an angler participated in, that angler will retain the 10 points for participation.  If a team finishes the year in first or second place, that team will only be presented one award for that finish. An award will be presented to the Angler(s) who catches the big bass of the year.  Awards will be chosen by the officers and presented at the year-end banquet.


Tournaments will be conducted as a team tournament with a maximum of two persons per team.  Only five fish per team may be weighed in.  Individuals may fish alone if desired.


If a tournament is cancelled due to dangerous weather prior to the tournament date, that tournament will be scheduled for the second following Saturday from the original scheduled date.


See the Bass Club Tournament Rules for additional information.

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